Current projects

International Ikari Plus
Apocalypse Fading
Dai Blazer
Extreme Dailence

International Ikari Plus : By Jimmy Biscuits. Started 23/Sep/23. Ver 0.029A

18/Feb/2024 : Update to use better loading screens (built into NEX file), along with ability to stick direction of player in one direction while moving in another. Also mouse support for aiming, just use left/right or up/down to rotate. Click fires Download here



04/Feb/2024 : Base game being created from NextBox for the ZX Spectrum Next. Is a tribute to Ikari Warriors, except will provide horizontal scrolling as well as the standard vertical. Uploaded to GetIt for download directly to Next, but can also download here. Keys are QAOP/Space or Kempston (Joy1). Only run around and shoot currently. No enemies or collisions. Download here




NextBox : By Jimmy Biscuits. Started 23/Sep/23. Ver 0.013A

18/Feb/2024 : Updated to improve loading screens. Completely internal conversion now, with better colours and all stored inside the NEX file. Version and data baked into NextBuild project



04/Feb/2024 : Windows program we are developing to make developing on the ZX Spectrum Next much easier. Auto sprite creation, tilemaps etc. Plan is to create tribute game International Ikari Plus first as a base game, and then use to create other games




Apocalypse Fading : By Dazzag. Started 01/Jan/22. Ver 0.052A

19/Aug/2022 : Pretty ambitious this. Lets see how it goes. Basicaly an old school point and click adventure. Is a Star Trek type game with a Matt Berry type captain. You accidentally cause the Apocalypse during a drunken party, and now must use the ships time machine to travel to the past on Earth to fix things. Each time you return the computer tells you how much you have reduced the apocalpyse, along with hilarious changes to reality




Dai Blazer : By Dazzag. Started 11/Jan/01. Ver 0.8A

07/Jul/2001 : Aha, nothing can stop it now! That is apart from Dark Basic 1.09. Sheesh, almost ready for 0.8A demo release, and DB upgrade has a host of problems. Basically waiting until the patch comes out to fix everything. This means though that the demo will be at 0.9A or 1.0B by the time it is released. So, everything should pretty much be working. Heh, we hope. Check out the new screenshots though. Is looking a bit better. Don't have new screenshots of the game though as is still stuffed with the textures thanks to 1.09. Waiting on patch there. But will update soon. Promise...



01/Apr/2001 : Going well now. Have incorporated split screen 2 player mode and a redefine keys option from the menu. All that is left for the demo is better collision detection (not using built in DB, but have an idea....) and more realistic ball roll. Should be soon though


18/Feb/2001 : This game is basically the original Trail Blazer. Written to see if I could do it. The main advantages over the original is a proper 3D environment (plenty of scope for camera positions, lighting, 3D objects etc), "themes" (different skins for everything), and a level editor. We are upto version 0.3Alpha at the moment and have the level editor pretty much complete. You can also finish a level and it creates the next level from the start (although theres no end credits or anything yet). Written in DB. Expect a demo in March...



Extreme Dailence: By Dean. Started 01/Sep/00. Ver 0.9A

19/May/2001 : Progress is a bit slow at the moment, but we do have some screenshots at last. Hopefully a demo soon.

20/Jan/2000 : We are very close to a beta on this one. Currently no screenshots, but should get some soon. Is basically based on an old demo game on the Amiga. Remembered by Dean as being a very competitive 2 player split screen game. And totally addictive. Plays a little like Bomberman. Written in DIV, and pretty close to completion. Watch this space....



Dictator: By Ceri. Started 01/Dec/00. Ver 0.2A

24/Nov/2000 : Based on an old Speccy game. Quite simple really, but quite addictive. Empire building type strategy game. On the speccy it was a really simple single player game. However Ceri is planning on much more ambitious ideas. Aimed at being a fully (and only) mutli-player game over the internet. Written in VB, this is hopefully going to be a vast multi-user empire type game. Will get screenshots soon....



Daibernoid: By Dazzag. Started 01/May/00. Ver 0.5A

18/Jun/2000 : This has been left in very close to beta version status for the best part of half a year. Is written in DIV and works pretty well, but once I got my hands on DB I just had to leave it for a while. It's all pretty much there, basically being a copy of Cybernoid 2. There's not much difference apart from the addition of a level editor. Need to finish off weapons and put a few new aliens in. But has definitely gone down the priority scale thanks to Dai Blazer. I will have to finish it at some point as it was quite a bit of substantial coding involved. Or at least get it to a proper beta release. I mean, I could release it now as beta, just with the full first level intact. Ah, so much to do....



Dainqueror: By Dazzag. Started 05/Nov/01. Ver 0.1A

23/Jan/2001 : This game was my first attempt at DB. The matrix editor is half way there, and the main game is going ok. Basically is a remake of Conqueror. Good old ST tank game. Mainly chosen because I loved the game years ago and because the tank demo would be a good basis. Have got X enemy tanks capable of chasing the player, and different speeds for the tank depending on the slope. Also got the turret to move round the tank, and up and down, and shot goes in correct direction. Can also kill the enemy that chases you (deletes its turret basically then it stops). Also got a plane to zoom by randomly now and again. Looks cool.

Did have high hopes for this. But once I realised how complicated the enemy AI was I left it until the multi-player mods come out for DB. We have a good idea how the multi-player will go and have some ambitious plans with it (clans, linking worlds, area/ building ownership, trading/ stealing enemy clan hardware, spying etc). Unfortuantly I was told directly by Lee (via email) that multi-player mods will not be available until the end of the year. We will see. I am holding off on screenshots for now because they are currently too similar too the tank demo.